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Greg Lost 13 Pounds At TT Bootcamp





207 lbs.

194 lbs.


38.5 inches

36.5 inches

As I started my journey into my fifties, I had three things happen that made me aware I needed to make some changes. I received my health risk assessment. It was not good and advised I see a doctor. I was searching for size forty pants and weighed 242 pounds. The kids received a WII fit game for Christmas. I jumped on, entered my profile and a picture came out making me look like a bean bag with a head on it.


I knew I had to get healthier, but what? My first course of action was to start jogging. I signed up for Team Challenge through the Croh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s and Colitis Foundation. They helped me train for a half marathon from Napa to Sonoma California. What a great experience and I lost 12 pounds! Raising money and losing weight was a perfect match. I did a couple more half marathons and dropped more weight. Unfortunately, when you’re fifty pounds overweight and you start jogging a lot, the saggy skin is not a self esteem booster.  You lose weight, but still feel unhealthy.


Losing weight was great, but feeling really flabby was not. I tried P90X, but gave up after a couple of weeks. I didn’t know if I was doing the exercises correctly? I am always being corrected on my form at Lakeside Boot Camp, they understand that I want to improve my health, not get hurt! Plus, I was looking for a lifestyle change, not a fad.

When I signed up a couple of years ago I weighed 225 pounds.  I felt really comfortable at Lakeside, from day one. All the instructors have a wealth of information to give and Lesa, John, Mary, Chris, Ann and Becky have also been extremely motivating. I also sincerely enjoy the other people who work out there. When I started the Transformation contest, I weighed 207 pounds. My goal was to lose 10 pounds…..goal completed, and then some. I continued listening to Lesa about eating healthier. I knew I could/should do better. So the chips, bread and diet drinks, turned into water, fruits and vegetables. 


Cardio workouts, strength training and body confusion at Lakeside Fitness Boot Camp is not a fad; it’s a dramatic lifestyle change!


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