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Nick Lost 22 Pounds In 12 Weeks





195 lbs.

173.2 lbs.


41.75 inches

37.5 inches

“You’re disgusting, how could you let yourself get this bad?”

These are the words that started my first weight loss journey back in 2011. I hated my body, and in some ways, I agreed with my father. I knew that if I wanted to feel accepted, I needed to lose weight. 9 months later, I was down 110 pounds. I was showered in compliments, I started dating, and I’d thought everything was how it should’ve been. What I hadn’t realized was how I would feel deep down about myself. I hated who I was. I’d fooled everyone except the mirror. I hated my body due to excessive loose skin from rapid weight loss without toning. I didn’t accept myself like those around me had and within a year, I had gained a majority of my weight back.

Fast forwarding to 2016, I took a few years finding myself, accepting who I am and loving my body no matter my size. I rejoined my old gym and started over, this time losing weight to help peruse a personal goal and not for anyone else. After hearing about FBBC from multiple close friends, I decided to give it a shot to help tone and to learn new ways to improve my body. Shortly after joining I decided to start this 12-week challenge. During these past 12 weeks I was able to drop almost 22lbs, 4% body fat, and a total of 12.25 inches.

The support and knowledge I’ve received has surpassed what I could have ever expected. My goal is to, one day, run a marathon for cancer survivors in support of my mom. If I’ve learned anything from my journeys, it’s that before, I was losing weight for acceptance, but now that I accept myself no matter my body, I lose weight to achieve my goals.


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