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Stacey drops an astounding 30lbs and 10 inches





221 lbs.

191 lbs.


48 inches

38 inches

As a teenager I was involved in various sports from net ball to softball and swimming. Somehow throughout my 20's getting busy with working life, married life and becoming a mother of 2 I seemed to have lost time for exercising, eating right and taking care of myself.

I came to a point where this year where I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time! I was in a vicious cycle of beating stress with junk food, laziness and excuses which all only made things worse. I hated not having enough energy to keep up with my beautiful children. The final motivation came when I was returning to work post maternity leave and my uniform was too tight. I signed up with CTT Ali Fox in the Blitz Your Life Challenge and haven't looked back.

I had done another challenge in the past but this time I have been more motivated than ever and feel like I have finally changed my mindset and some of the bad habits I had gotten into. I love my training sessions with Ali Fox and being part of such a supportive team of trainers and challengers has motivated me to start treating my body better. My family and I now all have far better eating habits and I have learned to schedule my workout sessions so I cant make excuses. I am time poor (who isn't these days) so have learned to incorporate exercise into my everyday routine. Its amazing what you can achieve even when you only have 10minutes to workout.

I set myself a goal to make enough difference to my body and my life to be able to enter the turbulence training competition. I feel like I have done this and I am forever grateful to my Trainers Ali Fox and Amy Backhouse. I cannot wait for the next challenge!


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