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Ben Drops 12lbs of Fat Using TT Program





187 lbs.

175 lbs.


38 inches

34 inches

My Name is Ben currently living in Fort Worth TX. My workout routines and diet before the contest were very inconsistent. I would work out a few times per week and ate healthy only every now and then. I had gained weight and was at the heaviest I have ever been which was 190lbs.

My energy levels were low, self-esteem was at a all time low and I knew I needed a lifestyle change. The workouts I was doing were full body with some cardio. I would lift weights once every other week but never consistent and never had a firm plan or diet. Upon signing up for the challenge, I knew my way of eating had to change. I went from fast food/process food to low calorie and low carb meals while increasing protein.

That involved vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits. I also began to be consistent in my workouts. The workouts involved the TRX, squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, kettle bell swings.. etc. My body began to get lean and toned. I started to notice the fat in my abdomen area decrease and my arms increase in definition. My weight dropped to 175lbs. which I hadn't weighed in years!

As I kept seeing results, I was even more motivated to complete the challenge and give it my all. Many friends started to comment on the changes they were seeing in my body. The biggest change I have noticed is that my arms are defined and leaner. The challenge was worth it as it helped me achieve the lifestyle change I was hoping to accomplish.


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