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I started my weight loss journey at the start of this year. At new years i weighed 108.5kg and wasn't exercising at all. I had limited fitness and wasn't looking forward to having to loose the weight but i knew i had to stick to my resolution (that i made every new years) and finally do what i had been promising myself and lose the weight and keep it off!

I was a mum of 3 beautiful girls, my youngest being only 5 months old and had limited time to workout, so when i found Ali Fox Transformations bootcamp ran night classes, it was perfect for me. I joined Ali Fox's first 12 week challenge and lost 17.3kg and had so much fun i decided to do another challenge.

I done my second 12 week challenge and lost a further 13.4kg bringing me so close to my goal weight, so i knew had to back it up with a third 12 week challenge and reach my goal! I have just completed it and have lost a further 10.3kg putting me at my goal of under 70kg!

All of this was achievable with the help of Ali Fox, who is a certified TT trainer, and the workouts that she put together. They were fast paced, challenging but fun and enjoyable! My fitness has improved dramatically since starting these workouts and i am doing things i truly never thought possible! I have ran a half marathon and finished a 50km mountain hike event this year and have many more goals for the future thanks to these training programs!


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